Our company is interested in developing technology solutions based on advanced mathematical and formal computational methods. By “advanced methods”, we mean that enormous body of mathematics developed in the past few decades that, in our opinion, has not found its way to the technology market. We envision the rise of a 21st century formal computation and mathematical engineering for new technologies that we saw in the 20th century for mathematical physics.

Is it possible to formalize information security and intrusion detection for complex networks?

With massive volume of data stored from every aspect of human activity and natural phenomena, are there formal and mathematical laws which enable their effective management and utilization? (Beyond data mining and search engines)

What are the asymptotic laws of large distributed systems with applications to controlling and understanding networks in biology, distributed computation, cognition and social science? Can we develop methods that explain persistence in stochastic environments( Mumford's call for a new mathematical approach for the 21st century)

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