Avyna Inc. is a research and development firm. We aim to develop fundamental mathematical solutions and commercial products for problems that have emerged from recent advances in biology, netcentric communications, information security, parallel and grid computation. We use the term "mathematics" to include formal models and computation theory which are generally associated with mathematical logic. A unifying thread is to understand, model and control stochastic distributed complexity.

Although the specific instances of problems in these fields are beyond a single mathematical framework (for example, many such problems reduce, in part, to NP-complete search problems ) there can be no doubt that mathematical formalisms which can help solve them shall be developed. These problems are multifaceted and stand at the intersection of various scientific disciplines, mirroring the nature of mathematical research in the past few decades in which the most important advances have occurred at the intersections of different branches of mathematics. We believe only by striving to solve the "real" problems and testing them in the technology market, these formalisms can emerge.

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